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An Argument Against Global Warming

            ï»¿The theory of global warming is an idea that attempts to explain why temperatures and the global climate have steadily risen over the past few years. The predominant belief behind the idea is that human activity and toxic gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, have increased exponentially since the Industrial Revolution. Gasses have begun to trap heat within our atmosphere and as a result have caused the global temperature to rise. However, in the scientific community, it doesn't require much to disprove a theory. In this case, by propagating fear tactics and distorting information, underestimating the amount of consensus on the issue, and showing little understanding toward the basic cycles of life, we may find these global warming theorists' views misconstrued, but their overall arguments are as well.
             One of the primary reasons the topic of global warming has become such a popular and misleading issue today is largely due to the distortion of information and hype attributed to the matter through the media. Many supporters of the theory have argued that a majority of the research and information conducted thus far proves that climate change has remained generally steady through the past millennium; leading up to the early 1900's where a dramatic change in temperature began to occur. This belief is widely consistent in the scientific community with the data presented in the infamous Hockey Stick Model, wherein a large margin of error can be noted. Research done by John Daly shows that the data presented in this model "completely disregards two of the major climatic eras that occurred over the last millennium, turning the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age into non-existing events, and shows only a slightly linear cooling trend in temperatures until 1900 AD where an extreme increase is observed (Daly)." .
             Despite these inaccuracies, there have been several more occurrences and attempts made through the media in recent years to promote hype and fear toward the issue.

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