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            2PAC uses direct, frank and honest language to create meaning, such as: "It's war on the streets and the war in the Middle East". He talks about all the Strong and Negative things that has happened during his life being BLACK. In this song he tries to send a message to all black and white people - that all black people and equal to whites and to make whites think differently about blacks.
             He also uses: Title, Rhyme scheme, Characters, Mood and Tone, Linguistic Devices and Imagery. .
             The title is related to the content because it is about Changes in life. E.g. "I"d love to go back when we played as kids but things have changed" - this means changes through life (growing up). .
             The Rhyme scheme usually has a line that rhyme's with the next line. The song goes: verse, chorus, verse, chorus. - it uses rhyme to make the song flow.
             The characters are: 2PAC and his friend. - "We under I wonder what it takes to make this one better place" - this has "We" and "I", so it means there is another person.
             He uses a negative tone for the music which relates to the lyrics because the lyrics are negative also. E.g. "I see no changes all I see is racist faces" - this means no changes are happening and that the white people are still racist.
             The poet uses Metaphors such as: "War on thee streets" - war means like Violence, Crime etc. + "Take the evil out the people they"ll be acting right" - Evil means the racism, drugs, hate etc. He uses the repetition of "Changes", "That's just the way it is" and "Things"ll never be the same" because he wants changes but he knows that it would never happen.
             The imagery is Angry and Frustrated. This is because of the negative tone of the music mixed with the negative lyrics.
             In conclusion I think the poet uses direct, frank, honest language, Title, Rhyme scheme, Characters, Mood and tone, Linguistic devices and imagery to create meaning. .

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