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Goals at different ages

             My goals as a child versus my goals as an adult, and how they have changed over many years. Goals sometimes change and some stay the same. In my case, most of them changed, but one of my goals as a child and as an adult stayed the same. As a child I think our goals are more like dreams than goals. As you get older I think goals become plans that need to be put into action. .
             As a child I dreamed of being a lawyer it's a career goal for a lot of people. As a child, I was always making rules for the family members to follow; I was always arguing with my parents and sisters. I always wanted to stand in front of a judge and argue my case. My family always said I had the attitude and determination to do what ever I wanted in life, and I have always wanted to be a lawyer.
             My one other goal was to go to college and get a great education. College is the best way of getting a good education so that you can make dreams or goals come true. I even looked up all the classes and credits I would need to be a lawyer. I wanted my degree in law, and as a child I had already decided that I was going to do what ever it took to get it. My parents always said to go to college because I had better grades than my sisters.
             On the other hand, my goals as an adult changed; I now want to be an accountant so I can help people with their taxes because I think the government is cheating people. I wanted a family and I got one; sometimes they"re a "pain" but they"re still mine. My family still thinks I should be a lawyer, but I don't want to anymore. I like math, and in accounting there is a lot of math. .
             As an adult, my goal of going to college is still a part of me and I"m going to college. As one can see by my example, goals as an adult are more about plans being put into action and doing what one wants to do in life. I"m going to college to get my degree in accounting and to get a great education.

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