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Competency Goals

             To establish and maintain a safe healthy learning environment.
             My objective is to keep infants, mobile Infants, toddlers, and preschooler children in a safe environment and teach them how to be safe of toys, furniture, and equipment. I will prepare an activity for them.
             I will Inspect the infant's environment on a dally basis. I will make sure that all the furniture equipment is Inspected and nothing needs to fixed or repaired by a professional person. When both the infants' are on the floor, I will place them on a soft clean cushion rug. Outlets are to be covered, and broken toys will be discarded.
             The Infant's and mobile Infant's cribs are both inspected for the safety regulations before they are allowed to occupy them.
             I will put the young Infants and mobile Infants to lay In there backs I will supervise them at all times.
             My first activity will be for young Infant's ages of 7 months old and a mobile infant of 17 months of age. I will place them on a cushion surface and I will play with them by handling them a rattle, allowing them to grasp it, exploring how it feels In their own grasp, in their mouth, and following the object with their eyes. This activity is a safe activity since I will remain in close proximity. The infant response is usually inquisitive and happy about the objectives that he or she is exploring. I will be at all times near the child observing every movement just so they won't get hurt.
             Materials needed: soft surface and a rattle.
             My second activity will be with a mobile Infant ages of 11 months. I will play closely on a soft surface. The Infant will be in a sitting position supported by a large pillow. I will role a large red ball to the Infant and observe the mobile Infant response to it.
             Usually the Infants will touch and try to bring it towards it's mouth, if the ball rolls away from the Infant as a result of the infant trying to pick it up. The infant drops it or pushes it away Instead of pulling it toward him or her.

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