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Application Essay - Robert H. Smith Business School

            The interest I have in joining the Robert H. Smith School of Business stems up from the belief that the skills, knowledge and competencies immersed from the proposed MS program will enhance my chances of realizing my long-held academic and professional goals. I must admit that my passion in the field of accounting was cultivated at a very tender age after observing how my mother, who is a Certified Public Accountant, used to purport her duties diligently, effectively and with utmost precision. I remember well how as a little girl I used to accompany my mother to her office so that she could take care of me while working, an aspect that ensured that rather than joining my friends to play with toys and dolls, I had to content with accounting records, statements and reports being my childhood playmates. This coupled with the experience of seeing the intense love my mother had for her job made me to resort that I ought to follow in my mother's footsteps by ensuring that my future professional life lays in the world of accounting, a dream that I believe can only be actualized after joining Robert H. Smith School of Business.
             My major post-graduate goal, which was largely born-out of the events surrounding the Enron Scandal, is to become a competent and ethical accountant capable of making decisions in the most professional, efficient and effective way. I believe that accounting is a logical process that normally ends up impacting on the current and future operations of a given entity, a view that further provides a candid explanation as to why I am interested in venturing in this career field in the future. I had an opportunity of interning at China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd last winter where I got to perform various tasks such as preparing correspondence and financial reports as well as compiling accounting database for my manager. My ability to purport all these tasks successfully enabled me to ascertain that I have the potential of becoming a very competent and excellent accountant.

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