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College Scholarship Essay

            I have always known what I wanted to be ever since I was a young girl. I know it was meant for me to help people in any way possible. Although, I have had challenges get in the way, of doing what my vision was, I always fell back to it. At this stage in my life, I now know that fashion is how I will change people. Through fashion, I have been allowed to give back in varieties of ways. I feel it is important for young women to feel good about themselves, and who they are. Fashion begins with a mother creating a style for her child. This may range from how the mother cares for the child's health all the way to the clothing. It is important for individuals to express themselves, this should include all races, genders, and belief systems. .
             Focusing on individual personalities allows me to assist them with positive and meaningful fashion choices. An individual with lots of energy and boldness may dress different from a person that is depressed and has low self-esteem. I want to help them see how their appearance represents how they feel inside and out. This can range from a natural hairstyle to whatever is the next trend in hairstyle. Fashion can provide insight to ones self-esteem, career choices and overall lifestyle. I want to be a part of molding people to be the best they can be. I have learned a lot about strengths and weaknesses through my life situations. As a child my concern about being judged began in the second grade. This is due to my weight and not knowing how to deal with mean kids. I became self-conscious inside, while still interacting with others. I belief many times our weaknesses begin during childhood. I believe when a child is being mistreated at an early age, it can be harder to overcome the pain. In my case, I've had two major things to deal with. My mother became sick when I was five years old. Although I didn't realize it then, I feel I have many fears that negatively affect my progress.

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