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Growing Pains

            Many people learn to grow and accept stress as a part of life through experiencing it. Although, some people handle stress better than others, others, such as myself, go through a psychological dilemma. For me, senior year is the most stressful year. In addition to keeping up my grades, applying to colleges and scholarships are holding me back. This process of applying to college and scholarships are the most difficult parts of being a senior.
             Applying to college is the most stressful part of my senior year. For example, there are many different schools to apply to that all require pages and pages of information to be filled out. From filling out my family history to answering questions on how much my parent's make a year, it seems chaotic spending hours at the computer completing forms that seem to ask endless questions. To add to the list of hectic ideas about college applications, some require writing essays about oneself. This task was quite difficult for me, since I am use to writing reports or doing essays on books or historic figures, but never about myself. After about five different essays and a total of three weekends, I finally found the essay that best illustrates the changes that I have gone through in my life. In addition, applying to colleges, trying to get into the best schools, get in the way of keeping up with my grades. For example, applications start in October for Cal State schools and in November UC applications start. With only a month to fill out these applications, it is impossible to study and keep up with grades at the same time. For many reasons, applying to colleges is a stressful part of my senior year.
             In addition to applying to colleges, I have scholarships to apply for. For example, currently I have over fifty different scholarships to apply for not including the black dot scholarships. With finals coming up and the semester almost over, I have to study and meet scholarship deadlines.

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