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Scolarship essay

             As a little boy I dreamed of going to college. Over the years my career goals have changed, but my desire to attend college has not. My life experiences and maturity helped me to choice my career goal. .
             I am fond of Math and Computers. My fondness for Math can be traced back to when I was in the sixth grade, when my teacher recommended that I attend Math Corp. At Math Corp I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot. Math Corp helped me gain an understanding of the concepts with which I had experienced trouble. Additionally, Math Corp prepared me for what I was going to learn in the seventh and eight grades. The teaching assistants prepared me so much that when my teacher made a calculation mistake, I corrected her. By participating in this program, I learned to think logically. I learned to play chess and became proficient in answering the "problems of the week". .
             When I was eleven years old my mother re-married. My stepfather builds computers. He would have my brother and me to help him build computers, load software and configure computers. I furthered my knowledge in Computers and Math at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School in the Math, Science and Technology (MSAT) program. In the MSAT program you have to take 10 Semesters of Math, 3 Years of Computer, 8 Semesters of English, 3 years of Foreign Lauguage, 3 years of Science. I realized that I have a great affection for math and computers which I plan to use in the future as a computer engineer. .
             I plan to be the first in my family to complete an undergraduate degree. My mother always tells me "Anthony, you have to make it. I want you to finish what your fathers side of the family never completed. You must finish college." She has made this statement to me many times. None of men in my father's family have completed a four year degree, and this is not the path that I have chosen for myself. It is my intent to blaze a trail for my prosperity and also achieve my mother's ambition for me.

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