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            Essay writing is an intricate part of the expansion of language. A well written essay requires time and hard work. Writing an essay proves to be quite a challenge because it is often tricky to choose an appropriate topic, it is prohibitive to express your thoughts and feelings into a five paragraph piece of writing, and finally because of numerous restrictions that the essay layout places on the creative process. .
             The first thing that an essay requires is an adequate topic. It may seem simple enough, but picking a topic for your essay is a thorny process. Usually the topic of your choice might be too general. For example, you may consider writing about why you believe Europe is culturally richer than the United States. Such an interesting topic is very broad and is bound to have many sub topics. Thus it is impossible to organize it in three paragraphs. On the other hand, the topic of your choice may simply be too specific. For instance, you may pick a black poodle as your topic. The problem that arises is that it will be toilsome to come up with sub topics that will be related to your main topic. Eventually, you will end up repeating yourself. This makes picking a topic which is too specific as hazardous as a topic which is too general. Finally, the problem may arise of your topic not being able to work in the essay at all. For example, you may pick bridges as your topic. This topic would not work at all since it is not something that you can expand on, and relate examples and explanations to. This is why picking a topic for an essay can prove to be demanding. .
             Secondly, expressing thoughts and feelings into words is always a challenge, especially when you are restricted by the boundaries of an essay. You must first decide how you want to write your essay. For instance, you may choose to write a formal essay in the third person. This will prove to be toilsome because you will no longer be able to express your personal subjective opinion in the essay.

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