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            In order to be a good writer, you have to use different writing techniques while learning how to take good, solid, and constructive criticism. Though that is the case, a good writer always wants to become a great writer which is what separates them from each other and is also the biggest reason why I wanted to take Expository Writing. For me the biggest goal going into the class at the beginning of the year was to be able to develop personally as a writer as well as learn a variety of different techniques. I truly believe that in one semester, I have expanded my knowledge of writing due to the many exercises and essays we have done that strengthened our writing skills. .
             Over the course of the semester I realized and learned many things about myself and my writing that I did not know before. I understood the importance of writing different writing styles ranging from personal narratives to persuasive essays. By writing all different kinds of styles it helped me become a more versatile writer. Some of those writing styles became increasingly challenging, but the toughest one by far was the Character Sketch. I vividly remember my thought process in writing that assignment. It was one of those more challenging writing pieces because I have never been really good with vivid descriptions and big words. Writing an essay about someone can be very tricky because you describe their personality and their features perfectly or else it won't be very good. Looking back on it I feel like the struggles I had with that specific unit really opened my eyes and made me focus on delivery, word choice, and description. When your writing an essay there are three things that you never want to do and that is. Procrastinate! Procrastinate! Procrastinate! I learned that the hard way a few times over the coarse of the semester. As a writer I realized I need to take my time and write down my best ideas with being in a rush and procrastinating really messed that up because you can't give a teacher your best writing if its done the night before at 1 a.

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