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Essay On Essays

            With these simple steps, anybody can write an "A" quality essay. All it takes is a well-written introduction, body and conclusion. These steps are a lot easier than most people make them out to be.
             The first, and most important, step to writing an "A" essay is the introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to get the reader's attention. The introduction should also let the reader know the contents of your essay. To get the reader's attention use a lead-in. a lead-in is a sentence or phrase that captures the interest of the reader. One way to do this is to appeal to the emotions or feelings of the reader. A lead-in can be in the form of a question, a shocking statement, a headline, or a statistic; as long as it gets the attention of the reader. A thesis statement should also be included in the introduction. The thesis should inform the reader as to the contents of the essay and how the essay is organized. The reader should be able to read the thesis statement and find a specific topic in the essay without having to read the entire essay. This can be done by organizing the body paragraphs in the same order as the items in the thesis statement.
             Step two, in writing an "A" essay, is writing effective body paragraphs. In order for them to be effective, they must support the thesis sentence. The worst thing to do is to go off on subjects that have nothing to do with the essay. To avoid getting off the subject, try not to use stories as examples or to prove a point. Every body paragraph should have a topic sentence. The other sentences in the paragraph should support the topic sentence. The paragraph, as a whole, should support the thesis sentence.
             The third and final step to writing an "A" essay is the conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the entire paper in a few sentences. To do this, cover the main points in the essay. One way of doing this is to reword the thesis statement. The conclusion should also influence the reader to use the knowledge he or she has received by reading your essay.

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