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             Coming from the small country of Burundi, where health care is not accessible to everyone, nor is of good quality, I've always been motivated to be a leader in promoting the good health of individuals by reducing the risk of disease in my community. My name is Lynka Ineza, and I am 22 years old. I began working toward my goal by enrolling as a Biology student at La Roche College, an institution where people can hold on to their own traditions, history, education, and experiences. La Roche College encourages its students to come together with a common purpose: "to be the best for the world." It is a melting pot, accepting people from all walks of life into its academic family. And more importantly, La Roche College offered me a premium education where I was able to achieve great academic success. .
             La Roche College has helped me see the world through different windows. Being a part of the La Roche College community has allowed me to be involved in many activities such as the BioSolve program, vice president of the French club, tennis team, representative of the tennis team in the student athlete advisory committee, tutor in Biology, Chemistry and Math; and community services as alternative spring break, walk to end poverty, operation save a life. These activities have provided me with the ability to work in groups and to motivate people toward a common goal, to interact with different students and exchange our knowledge and learn how to work in a team environment. I was able to learn how to apply good judgment, organization, and put principles and high integrity into task effectiveness. The different service learning opportunities offered at La Roche College have been a great inspiration to me by fostering my leadership and enhancing my education in building the community.
             In Burundi, the rate of women and children's mortality keeps increasing due to the lack of good medical care and its accessibility.

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