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            Everything in this world is not perfect, including the educational system. However, it continues to be modified to make everyone somewhat happy. For example, the fact that a student is required to take thirty-six credit hours of courses that do not directly pertain to their major. Although it may be painstaking for some, it gives other uncertain students the opportunity to take different courses and explore other career opportunities. There are several students who enjoy learning a variety of subjects, which also serves as a basis to becoming a well rounded person. In college, a student learns many things inside and outside of the classroom that are necessary for life. College also provides a structured environment for students who are not intrinsically motivated. Aram Bakshian states in his essay "Just Say No to College" that "rather than go to college, I got an education." He was able to realize that college was not for him and it worked. However, this is not the case and does not work out for everyone. The educational system may be imperfect, but it is something that most students diligently work to accomplish and have to show for. .
             Many high school students graduate oblivious about the realities of the outside world. In college, they are able to interact with people of different cultures, races, and creeds. The college environment provides the student with the ability to learn about an eclectic set of people, which may later benefit them in their career. Bakshian says that he acquired this by meeting "editors, authors, politicians, journalist We don't need classrooms." Again this was the case for him, but it definitely is a rare case nowadays. Bakshian was able to succeed in his pursuits more than twenty years ago. In our society, employers are very hesitant to hire a non-college graduate for a professional position. The market appreciates the initiative taken by someone who graduated from college.


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