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Methods of Educational Reform

            As John Dewey once said "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. » for years one of the main objectives of the government was to change our educational system which is known to encourage parents to give their child tuitions while young and stress them to earn admission to a state college. Our actual educational system gives place to elitism which leads to an alarming rate of failure among the students as most of the average students cannot cope with the pace of the educational system. .
             The increasing rate of failure before tertiary level now reaching nearly 60% caused the ministry of education to take immediate actions resulting in an educational reform. In 2015, the government is aiming to introduce the nine-year schooling system. This vast educational reform has been presented to the parliament. They came with changes to the primary, secondary and tertiary educational system. Among the changes is the abolition of the Certificate of primary education (CPE) and the prevocational system in secondary school. Introduction of eleven academy has also been mentioned.
             The flaws in our education system are multiple. At the CPE, there are all evil that include this selection examination: unhealthy competition among students, the financial frenzy of teachers, parents' obsession success, etc. The least gifted students, those who have problems, are left by the wayside. But the process of exclusion does not begin here. It does not neither stop at school. The students who fail are often victims of social inequalities who tend to increase. Other is a fault does not instil in students the desire to learn. There is also the scoring system who does not allow students where are their Shortcomings, their deficiencies. These are often sanctioned rating, without explanation neither remedies!.
             Reviewing e.g. ZEP zoning (priority education zone) imported from France, who established in 1981 and just replaces it with the REP (Reseau d'Education Prioritaire).

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