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The Adult Years

             In the adult years, an adult may find himself or herself going through constant changes. Changes that usually follow two known adult transitions: the Linear change and the Cyclical change. In this essay, I plan to discuss life transitions many adults follow, either through a linear change or cyclical change and their effects on the adult years.
             I would like to begin with life natural progression for most people. As young adult nearing graduation from high school, the natural progression should be college, military, work, or marriage. Each of which can take young adult through many changes. The young adult enters into this period of life with great expectation for a bright and successful adulthood. This young adult think there's nothing ahead but self-glory and happy sailing ahead. Wrong! The young adult rarely understands that life has many choices and many changes.
             To get to this kind of thinking by this young adult, we would have to review this young adult family background and environment. These are the two places a young adult is unconventionally groomed for life transitional changes. The two dramatic changes are the Linear and the Cyclical changes.
             Starting with the linear change, we will have to journey back to a time old people called the good old days. Yes, the good old days, where life was a straight as an arrow. Life adulthood was one step as a time. If a person followed the prescribe plan by the time you are old, you had conquered all the mountains on your way to success. The plan is simple, follow the rules, work hard, be a good family person and go to church on Sundays. But, nothing is ever that straight, especially adult life. .
             The linear change follows this logic, and suggests the same. Adult life is believed to travel one plane with stops (chapters) along the way. The linear change is the old way of thinking, the back .
             to the good days way of life. People were raised to think that if you worked hard on a job, you would have a career with advancements up the success latter with no problems.

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