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Miami Beach

            Miami Beach separates the Biscayne Bay from the radiant blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Miami Beach is seen as a trend-setting arts and entertainment Mecca, and a shopping and cultural wonder by visitors, world travelers, celebrities, and locals alike. It has always been a tourist-friendly vacation hot spot, but the city offers much more now. Miami Beach is no longer just a place to lie on the beach soaking up the sun, due to an economic boom that has sprung from the refurbishment of the Art Deco Historic District.
             Miami Beach is a multi-cultural community which I would love to be a part of. It offers a dazzling array of amenities which draws me to its city. Miami is home to 7 miles of beaches, 3 golf courses, 20 parks, art and culture, great nightlife, and world-class shopping. Miami is a place which I would never get bored and run out of things to do because shopping and the beach are the two things that interest me most. Also, I love how its residents are as diverse as its visitors. Over 7 million tourists visit South Beach each year with over 50% of them from outside the United States. It is great how culture has influenced the architecture of the City. It is so different from what I am used to here in Los Angeles. Miami is such a beautiful place where you are surrounded by the water, the sun, and people having a great time. The only negative thing about moving to Miami is leaving my family back in California, other than that, I think it is the perfect place for a young adult like me to move to.
             When we first received our assignment, I knew right away which city I would choose. I went on the internet to the Miami Chamber of Commerce and emailed the Economic Development Director, Kevin Crowder. He was a wonderful man who responded to my email right away. He over-night expressed a huge packet of very useful information to me. I was so thankful for his kindness; I made sure I emailed the Mayor of Miami to let him know how helpful his employee had been to me.

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