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Florida: Beaches And More

             Florida is a state known for sun and fun, which is why it is called the " Sun Shine State."" Florida is a great choice for a vacation spot because whether or not you are on the east or west coast, each town is more beautiful, and each site is more exciting than the next. With tons of amusement parks, water parks, and plenty more, it is impossible to be bored in such a happy atmosphere. Some of the most exciting places with a lot more to do then just sun bathe, that I have visited are South Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Not are they known for their beautiful beach but also for the all night partying, trendy shops, and delicious foods. .
             South Beach, which is located in downtown Miami on Washington Avenue, has so many different things to do just in case the sun is too much. With over one hundred trendy shops, you'll be sure to stop in and buy some of the most up to date clothes. Then, after you are done shopping, you can sit down to eat at one of the many different culturalistic places to eat. My favorite was Nemos, with appetizers from $7 to $13 dollars and main courses starting at $20 dollars. You cannot resist such a place with delicious foods and reasonable prices. When you are done eating and ready to go out for the night, there are over thirty different clubs and bars. If you listen to techno and trance like I do then you would enjoy Level, which has multiple dance floors, nine bars and a thirty-foot glass encased waterfall. Or if you are into Spanish style clubs, Mango's Tropical is the place for you. It is a tropical hot spot with high-energy salsa and tropical tunes. .
             Fort Lauderdale Beach has always been one of the world's top beach destinations. With an average temperature of seventy-seven, outdoor activities are a must. While walking down the strip, parallel to A1A and across the street from the beach, you can stop at one of the many sun wear shops and pick out one of the hottest bathing suits.

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