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remembrance of being happy

             The remembrance of being happy.
             Stress is the root of all evil in my life. It causes my brain a great deal of confusion and much noisy disorder. All capabilities of concentration are gone. This is negative activity going on in the brain and it becomes quite painful. This pain actually has a name; it is a "Stress Headache." There is an even worse level of stress pain and it is a Migraine. Many people have to go through therapy or worse, they have to see a doctor because of their uncontrolled stress. I personally like to eliminate stress all together by taking a moment in complete silence, clearing all thoughts from my mind, and flooding it with happy memories of Key West, Florida.
             Key West, Florida is a place where I remember being happy because at any time I can close my eyes, picture jumping into the inviting blue ocean and feel my body melting into total relaxation as I lounge on one of the Keys many gorgeous beaches. My mind takes me under the multiple shades of blue water to reflect on my awesome visuals of brilliant colored fish swimming by in fluid motion. All the while, I see myself lounging on one of the many unique beaches. I am feeling pampered again as I lounge on white silky sand with all the modern amenities or to unwind from stress, I am being reconnected to nature at the untouched by man beach with my dog. These beaches are places of sweet isolation for me that bring back calm nerves and a calm soul, hence, good bye stress and hello happy emotions.
             My exuberant happiness leads to beautiful images of a yet to be experienced new day. Getting the best nights sleep ever the bounce is in my step as I leisurely arise. Next, I stroll down the deserted street with a sense of fresh, crisp, salty air filling my lungs. I am at the most spectacular location, Florida's most southern point. So serene is the location that as you watch the sun rise light seems to explode with every changing magnificent color.

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