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My Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

             I remember receiving an invitation in the mail on a clear blue day last .
             My hands shook with pure excitement as I opened it, to my surprise it .
             was a joke that my brother was playing to the "gang." The "gang," as we .
             called it to signify unity, was based on my brother and his girlfriend, my .
             cousin and boyfriend, and my boyfriend and me. We did everything together .
             like barbeques and pool outings and the latest idea was that we were all .
             going away for the famous "Memorial Day "weekend. This invitation was .
             to confirm where we were going to be staying on that weekend. I never .
             anticipated that this particular weekend would be one that would teach .
             me a lesson on the importance of not abusing alcohol. .
             The weekend started at hotel #1, one of three. I remember my brother .
             brought four cases of beer and about twelve liquor bottles. The beer and .
             liquor was unexpected to me because my brother was one who implanted in .
             not to drink and that if I was going to, to "drink responsibly," as he called it. .
             The beer and liquor that Friday seamed to be endless. As the mood got more .
             comfortable and our everyday worries got washed out with the alcohol, the .
             music and dancing began. I expected that we were going to get thrown out of .
             the hotel because the more we drank, the louder the music got. And I was .
             right, at about twelve-thirty we all got thrown out into the street. We were .
             very lucky the police was not called but we did not want the party to end so .
             we decided to keep partying at the beach side. The beach was full of other .
             party goers and we had lots of fun mingling with everybody. It seamed like a .
             planed event because there must have been at least one hundred people out .
             there that night. The big problem arose the next morning. We all woke up .
             half naked sleeping without our usual partners. For instance I was with my .
             cousin's boyfriend and my husband was with my brother's girlfriend. It was .
             a mess and worst of all, none of us could remember anything, so none was .

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