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Facing the Roller Coasters

            About twelve years ago I would not ride a roller coaster if my life depended on it, it terrified me. I hated the feeling of dropping down a steep slope at high speeds only being held in by a bar. The zero g-force sent a tingling sensation into every part of my body, a feeling I couldn't handle at the time. I dreaded the chain that carried me to such towering heights. I did not worry much about the coaster breaking down and stranding me on the wobbly track, hundreds of feet in the air, waiting for rescue or repair. My fear of riding a roller coaster was the speed, the height, and most of all not being able to get off once I got on. Going upside down was also a factor that steered me away because I thought I would fall out and plummet to the terrain below. .
             ¬†As I got older I knew my fear had to end. Every Memorial Day weekend, since I can remember, my family from home and Pittsburgh met in the middle of the state for a camping weekend at Hershey campground. The campground is located about three miles from Hershey Park. We arrive at the campground on Friday and headed to Chocolate World when everyone arrived and was set up. Saturday and Sunday we use the convenience of the shuttle bus, which transported us back and forth between the campground and Hershey Park. On Saturday, when we arrived in the park, everyone hit the coasters and I was left outside with the others who stayed with the bags while they rode the rides. This was very boring because sometimes the wait would be close to an hour depending on the line. Once we made it to the other side of the park everyone headed toward the Lightning Racer, a duel-racing wooden coaster built in 2000. I decided to go on this one out of peer pressure from my dad, brother, and uncles. While in line my nerves reached uncharted territories. A voice came over the speakers describing the height of the drop and speed of the ride. Once I heard "Enjoy your 80 foot drop!" I changed my mind and headed back out to the others waiting outside the ride.

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