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            "The Comparison of Occurring Change".
             Change occurs in many different forms and is carried out in many different ways. People often want to reject change but must realize it is a never ending cycle which occurs daily. It must be overcome to live life and be content. This explains the essay, "Once More to the Lake," written by E.B. White. In this essay the author and his son travel to a camp located in Maine. This was a place White was taken to as a child. The author wanted his son to experience this place the same way he did growing up, but change in the camp had occurred. My experience is similar to E.B. Whites. In 1992, I was taken to a favorite spot of my mother's childhood. This was a cottage, owned by my great grandparents. It was located in Port Colburne, Canada. Many changes had occurred here also, in comparison to Whites situation. .
             My mother traveled to Canada twice a month with her family. The cottage, along with four other houses, was located on a circular piece of property facing a lake. The land was very open and spacious, not like the camp in Maine being heavily wooded; these cottages were not in this type of setting. The cooking took place at home. There were no restaurants or farmhouses nearby for dining. My mother remembers the smell of dead fish on nights of fish frys and the horrible stench of Lysol that came from the outhouse. As years passed, a bathroom was built inside, and my mother experienced this new feature at our time of visit. The two places were alike in many ways but also different. White remembers this place as "remote and primeval" (p75), while my mother spoke of the cottage as being quite and undisturbed, a perfect place to spend family time.
             The cottage in Canada sat right on a lake. My mother remembers playing in the sand and water each day with cousins. Usually everyone spent the same weekend together at this home. During this time the lake was very wide. Old car tires were bought and used as floats in the water.

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