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A Day At the Beach

            " I look over at the clock and it's already 4. I hear Sue yelling again because the limo was already outside waiting for us. It's going to be the first time for me riding in a limo, and I"m pretty excited. Once the ride was over with I realized it was just like riding in any other car though. Limos are definitely over rated. I might feel this way since it is 4 in the morning. It was nice feeling like royalty though. The driver opened the doors, put our bags in the truck, and tried to make the ride the best it could be for us. .
             The airport is pretty calm, and thankfully the lines going extremely fast. At last we are on the airplane heading to Miami Beach! A nice man that's heading to Key West is sitting next to my friend Beth and I, but a drunk couple ended up behind us. They are screaming and yelling, and the airline attendant is giving them more to drink! .
             Beth starts to grab on to me because the turbulence is terrible. The nice man beside us starts laughing, and asks if its our first time on a plane. It wasn't was the funny thing. Airplanes usually don't scare me at all, but this time the turbulence is just awful. Plus I have Beth beside me freaking out. Finally over the intercom we hear " we will be landing in Miami in exactly 15 minutes, please remain seated, fasten your seat belts, and put your seats in their upright position." The only thing I want to do is lay out when I get there. .
             We just got checked into the hotel room and unpacked. I got my swimsuit on and my beach towel over my shoulder, and I am going to venture over to the beach. I am really here, is all I can think about. Being on the beach is the only place I can escape reality. I lay out my pink and white striped beach towel and lie down. .
             The suns rays are hitting my face, and instantly I can feel myself getting a tan. I can hear the oceans water hitting the shore. Little kids are in front of me building a sand castle. I wish I could be a little kid again, is the thought I have.

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