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Cannon Beach

             "Beaches," when we hear this word we think of several images about the beach; clear blue waters, white sand, big palm trees, waves crashing against rocks, shipwrecks, logs and debris the ocean carries in, and how we can see the round earth when we look over the ocean. However, a lot of us get a view of driving on the beach and maybe pulling off a few cookies with the four wheel drives hoping the highway beach patrol won't catch us and write us a hefty ticket. Who wants a vacation spot at the beach were it's considered a highway, and the pedestrians have to dodge the traffic? Not me, that's why I took a vacation with my friend Danielle to Cannon Beach in Oregon.
             It's a place neither of us has ever been. We traveled to a new place to open our eyes, learn more about the world, and see the out skirts of town where riches are discrete. Yet it's nice simply leaving the atmosphere at home and seeing everything through a new prospective. I feel that traveling to such a place was a wonderful change of view for Danielle and me to gain a new horizon on they way we see and learn things.
             We arrived in Cannon Beach on Hemlock Street, and "wow" was all we could say. Hemlock Street is the main street in Cannon Beach. The laid back slightly upscale feeling you get when you drive down that main street with the art galleries, boutiques, wine and gourmet shops, small diners, and fine restaurants flourish the street in Cannon Beach. While driving a little further up the street, we saw various buildings with historical information to be seen on a billboard from a different prospective. After passing by all this, we couldn't wait to get to the Hallmark Resort where our room was reserved for a week. Our room was ocean view, so we could see a spectacular view of the broad sandy beach, where the beach isn't considered a state highway.
             The darkness started falling not long after we got to our destination, so we decided to take a stroll down Hemlock Street to get a closer look of the town.

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