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World War 2

             (BILDE AV EUROPAS SITUASJON) Europe 1939. Hitlers plan of the third reich is being carried in to effect. This threatening shadow of inhumanity forces both Czechoslovakia and Austria into complete capitulation. In Poland are the germans waging blitzwar which brings the Polish to their very knees. -However, there was more to come for the already mighty nervous western leaders. - Flags showing the swastika is waving from nearly all public buildings all over Europe only 2 years later. The German Eagle came victorious out of the battles fought on the European battlefields. But Adolf Hitler still wasn't satisfied with the current situation. And the prevailing reason: In the eastern parts of Europe was Stalin still governing his allies. Seeing as how Hitler was such a trecherous individual he decided to invade the Soviet, the homeland of the communism. But the result was poor. Hundreds of thousands young German soldiers lost their lives as an accordance to the extremely cold, rough winter of 1942/43 and the lack of resources. The Germans was forced to give up their aim. .
             The leaders of the Allies are at the same time assembling in London. The planning of an eventual invasion of Hitlers "Festnung Europa" was what they discussed. The 1 million dollar question was; Where was the ideal place to carry out such an invasion? However, there was really no doubt; the flat, lengthy beaches of Normandie was perfect. There was only one large problem; the soldiers would run right into cannons, machineguns, barbwire, and worse. Furthermore, was there really even a slightest possibility they would manage to pass the solid line of defence which fortified the westcoast of France, which Hitler himself called the Atlantic wall (BILDE) The answer was yes. But they had to expect a horrible amount of lives lost during such an dearing invasion-attempt. The board was in the end unanimous, the invasion would take place, and the beaches named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword and Juno were all excellent starting points.

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