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A Brief History of World War I

            World War I was catapulted into existence due to the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. He was killed by a group of Serbia Nationalist, therefore waging war between both countries. The seemingly small conflict between these two nations soon involved the rest of Europe due to treaties that obligated them to defend one another. Austria-Hungary signed war pact with Germany while Serbia with Russia (U.S.S.R) France and Britain (The Alliance). .
             The Great War ended with the Germans signing the treaty of Versailles to the Alliance on the 28th of June 1919, which was exactly five years after the death of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. The Treaty of Versailles is a document that contains 440 articles that was divided into 15 parts. Written in Paris, in the palace called Versailles, hence the name of the Treaty. Even though the Germans sent back complaints related to the Treaty, the Allied forces ignored it. .
             The Treaty stated that Germany was to be fully responsible for the war, they were to take on the blame; these following countries France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia took their territories away. In addition, they had to pay the Allied forces 6600 million pounds to compensate for the war they created. It was written in the Treaty that they were not allowed to build their Air force and Navy force. This stripped away their defense and so Germany was vulnerable to any attacks. The League of Nations also took over overseas Germany colonies. It finally seemed clear to Germany that the Allied forces wanted her bankrupt also, Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria. Lands that Germany had taken from Russia had to be returned and Western Germany was demilitarized. This caused Germany to be upset due to the Treaty not being discussed with them yet they had to be forced to sign it. It later caused major controversy but then again ignore by the Allied forces.

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