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World War II and Genocide

            As we all have heard of the murdering man by the name of Adolf Hitler, we are reminded of what he did during WWII to such blameless people. It is assumed by Doris L. Bergen that Hitler was the cause of the Holocaust, but Bergen leaves an impact about this simple understanding with her readers that made me realize how much of a key role he played. She mentions, "the term "Holocaust," from the Greek for "a burned offering" has been used to refer to the murder of approximately 6 million Jews." As he rose to power and developed his ideas, he formed a group of specifically three males. Hermann Goring, Joseph Goebbels, and Heinrich Himmler, stuck with him during WWII in his inner circle. Although none of their ideas were original or new, they had a difference in their views and the way that they spoke to their audience to manipulate their beliefs. .
             For such tragedies to happen during WWII, the Holocaust's deep darkness is exposed from reading War and Genocide, a Concise History of the Holocaust by Doris Bergen, through her powerful use of writing that she does throughout her book. She presents a concise overview of the Holocaust that simply covers all of what there is to truly know about what happened during the time. The amount of immense information was just simple enough to take in the main points that happened during the Holocaust, but also went into great depth about the scenarios that they had to live by daily as a Jew or person who did not meet the expectations as an individual and was executed during the time of Hitler's control over Germany. While reading her exceptional input about the Holocaust, I have learned from her writing that she believed Hitler was the key to the Holocaust. From her extreme knowledge about the war, she explains to her readers why they put so much effort into killing so many innocent people. Bergen influences her readers to reflect on the German public as part of the blame for the Holocaust because of their support and silence that they gave while they knew what was going on with the guiltless civilians being executed.

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