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The Denial of Genocide in Turkey

            The eighth stage of genocide is genocide denial, which most likely proves that the genocide occurred. It is comparable to a double massacre as it works to extinguish the memory of the event. It can be characterized in different manners; the most common are: it was self-defense, the killing was unintentional, there was no genocide. (Gregory Stanton) Denial has various intentions: ideological, strategic, socio-political but the consequences for the targeted individuals are always catastrophic. (Prof. dr. Smail Čekić) The Turkish government attempted to deny the Armenian genocide by trying to change the nature of the genocide and manipulating the death toll due to their fear of financial and physical reimbursement, their influence on Hitler, and the Turk's psychological instability. .
             Armenian genocide refers to the first genocide of the 20th century committed by the Ottoman Empire, under the rule of the Young Turks. The Ottoman Empire embarked upon the systematic slaughter of its civilian Armenian population, a Christian minority. A very common form of genocide denial employed by Ottoman Turkey was to question and minimize the severity of the death toll. Turkish media claimed the Armenian death toll was inflated as only 600,000 Armenians died and not 1.5 million. Regardless, does it make it better if the Turks succeeded in killing 600,000 Armenians and not almost its entire population? Furthermore, the government acknowledged the death of Armenian citizens during World War I but counters the Muslim Turks perished as well. According to Turkish propaganda, three million Muslims died, but the key word is "Muslims" and not "Turks". Many Turkish Muslims died fighting the Arab Muslims who were seeking freedom from the Ottoman Empire. The Turks died, unfortunately, because their own government led them into an unwinnable war against the European allies. (Frequently Asked Questions About the Armenian Genocide).

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