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Fighting to Stop Genocide

            Genocide is an unacceptable concept anywhere in the world, which needs to be put to an end. Throughout the twentieth century there were forty million individuals were killed during some sort of Genocide. The vast majority of the world stood by and watched these genocides occur while millions of lives were being killed; the United States was one of those countries. The world had made a commitment after the Holocaust that genocide would never happen again, but there were three other large scale genocides that occurred after this commitment. The world just needs to figure out when state sovereignty will only go so far before they need to act. There are eight stages of genocide; the world just needs to find the right time to know when to act.
             There were several genocides that occurred throughout the twentieth century. There is the Armenian Genocide; this included the Turkish government trying to completely wipe out all of the Armenians within the Ottoman Empire. One of the most well­-known genocides in the world is the Holocaust. Where Hitler led an all-­out massacre trying to wipe out .
             all of the Jews in Europe. The Cambodian Genocide occurred as the Khmer Republic was trying to move all of the Cambodians, this eventually led to there being too many and they then decided to kill the Cambodians. The Bosnian Genocide there were three groups call the Balkan States that never got along and were then forced to live together among them were the Serbs, Croats and the Bosnians, this genocide was allowed as the Serbs tricked the government into believing it was ethnically cleansing, which the government then allowed. There was also the Rape of Nanking right before World War Two, within six weeks the Japanese Imperial army marched into China's capital Nanking and slaughtered three hundred thousand of the six hundred thousand people that live in Nanking and that this genocide got its name as the Rape of Nanking.

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