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Prejudism, Discrimnation and Racism

            Prejudice and discrimination toward differences in race, ethnicity, gender, spirituality and disability have had negative psychological consequences, and they continue in primarily covert forms. Bias and disparities still exist and result in inequity of services, opportunities and practices in American society. Race is a socially constructed category of people who share biologically transmitted traits, language and religion. Jean Lau Chin, John D. Robinson, and Victor De La Cancela (2004) found that "Prejudice is an opinion about an individual, group, or phenomenon that is developed without proof or systematic evidence". African americans is still exposed to racial disorders in U.S according to their color, language and religion. So we have to prevent this prejudice by awareness of causes, effects and solutions.
             Suburbs, like many communities in the United States, are ripe with psychological issues that seek to prevent those less worthy from joining their group. Xenophobia occurs when an individual exhibits attitudes, prejudices and/or behavior that rejects, excludes and even vilifies a group of people based on the perception that they are foreigners or outsiders in a given community. It can even happen among people of identical physical characteristics and shared ancestry. Xenophobia is a generalized dislike or fear of strangers or foreigners whereas racism is a specific dislike for people from a different race. In addition, racism is born from an ideology that gives a certain ethnic group or race a position of power over others on the basis of features like physical attributes and the superior race exercises domination and control over all of the others. Studies have shown that children typically learn negative racial attitudes by a combination of observing their parents behavior and adopting the stereotypes of their society Donovan (2011).
             Social power theory suggests that people tend to use authority to control others of different race, gender, class, etc.

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