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             Racism is a social action or government policy based on assumed differences such as racial differences that have no scientific validity. This is an irrational belief in the superiority of a given group, people, or nation. Racism is not a law, it is something that was developed by people about other people. Racism exists in everything from job discrimination, housing segregation, to schools and the criminal justice system.
             The word segregation has almost disappeared from our vocabulary but not from our everyday life. Regardless of one's income, most blacks tend to live in a community amongst themselves. William Clark suggests that 30 to 70 percent of racial segregation comes from economic factors but many others believe that since white prejudice has existed for so long in a variety of forms that skin color is a major factor in the United States. It has also been proved that income does not matter either. Whether a black family's income is below $2500 per year or over $50,000 per year, there is only a 3% difference in the number of segregated black families. This is not a significant change for the amount of money difference earned. Black Americans endure the greatest amount of segregation that is impervious to socioeconomic factors. Therefore, this segregation is a matter of race and not class.
             Employment discrimination is a tragic part of racism that happens everyday. It has been seen over and over through the years. People with almost identical qualifications apply for the same job and the majority of the time the white person would obtain the job. If a black person is offered a job then it is usually at a lot lower wage. FEC completed a study between 1989 and 1992 that proved white Americans were offered jobs more often than black Americans with equivalent qualifications. Labor market discrimination exceeds twenty percent, therefore African Americans suffer everyday with everything from obtaining a job to what wage they will earn once they go to work.

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