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            Racism is prejudice or discrimination based on the belief that race is the primary factor determining human traits and abilities. Racism includes the belief that genetic or inherited differences produce the inherent superiority or inferiority of one race over another. In the name of protecting their race from "contamination," some racists justify the domination and destruction of races they consider to be either superior or inferior. Institutional racism is racial prejudice supported by institutional power and authority used to the advantage of one race over others.
             Racism causes many problems in our society today, it causes conflicts between blacks and whites and also causes people who are really the same nature and it does not matter the wealth ness of a single person. It causes people who are in strong belief in what their race is. "I believe the causes of racism stem from a range of factors--childhood, media, and personal experiences, to name a few. I believe one of the main causes of racism comes from insecurity with oneself. From a very young age, individuals are taught to be competitive with one another. Children can be very cruel to their classmates, and this helps to boost their own self esteem. So in terms of racism, perhaps we can see this issue as a major insecurity with the self. People feel better about themselves when they put down other ethnic groups, laugh about overweight people, and watch those popular reality shows where people are voted off (and laughed at, right?).""We respectfully thank the Chair of this United Nations' Plenary Session and the Conference organizers for this invitation to address the full body of this historic conference. As representatives of a United States Non-Government Organization, and several International Psychological Associations, we are especially pleased to have this opportunity to add our voice to the world-wide victims of racism.

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