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            The United States holds racism in greater horror then any other nation. Considered by some, racism is stronger then major criminal offenses committed by individuals. The ideal American life is portrayed as an equal and higher quality of life. The public eye is hammered with stories of murder, rape, and robbery, that they never hear the stories of racism. Racism is out there affecting certain individuals who are of different ethnicity, gender or race. There was a white George Town law school student who reported that black students are not as qualified as white students. Creating a national up rise about racism. The media thrives on reporting stories so serious such as racism. Universities and school's are on edge making no mistakes dealing with racism, companies and small businesses are protecting against it, the general public is in favor of the equal rights movement and society ensures the idea of equal rights protects all citizens living in the United States. .
             Yet what exactly is racism? Dictionaries and legislators cannot entirely comprehend the understanding and definition of what is meant by the word itself. Racism is defined as "the belief that ones own ethnic stock is superior to others" ( ). When people speak of racism they hold a greater meaning to the word then how it is perceived. Although, the dictionary definition does give some insight to the understanding of what people really do mean. All races have been labeled to be equally talented and person's who refuse this dogma are thought to be wrong. If African Americans, for example are equal to whites what accounts for their high numbers of poverty and criminality. Since society has passed laws that condemn any type of racism, the only other possible answer to African American failure is white racism. It is behind the desk of the job interview or waiting in the next room. It is against society to control individual's beliefs, values, and norms.

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