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            Racism has many shapes and forms in which it is used against .
             It can be directed against any race, color or ethnicity. Racism has three levels: individual racism, Institutional or systemic racism, and cultural racism. Racism takes place all around us although we may not notice .
             it sometimes. A lot of the time people don't even realize what they"re saying is a racist comment, it is just embedded .
             in our way of thinking. .
             Racism comes in some forms that are more obvious than others.
             though they are all just as bad. Obvious forms of racism are graffiti, physical and mental intimidation, and racial slurs and jokes. Some less obvious forms of racism are discrimination in hiring and renting out apartments, and policies that disadvantage some races while advantaging other races whether intentionally or not. Racism also happens in movies, tv, and radio. An example of this is "The lion king" in which the bad guys are given voices that sound Spanish and black African while the lions are given voices that sound like white North Americans and English.
             Racsim is not just generated from individuals, sometimes one person on their own may not be predjudice but the group that they belong too in a whole, is. This is called institutional or systemic racism if it is a government, organization, or educational facilities. These groups set standards, rules ,regulations, and requirements that may be unfair to some races. An obvious example of this is the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). It is called cultural racism if it is a culture in whole that is prejudice against another race(s). An example is belief in one culture that all other cultures are less equal.
             Racism takes place all over our world though we may not realize it. When we sit down to watch tv we don't say " lets have our daily dose of stereotypes now" we just watch it and the tv programmes subject us to those stereotypes in commercials and shows without us knowing.

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