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The Stresses of Being a College Student

             College serves as a pathway incoming students with aspirations of getting that degree they want. Students not realizing at first that enrollment, attendance, and tuition are just the first obstacles. Take a movement to list what many college students go through. Departing from home; sensing intense pressure getting a good GPA in connection with their major's career choice. In the mix of having finals, trying to make a personal or social life, having book costs of fees and possibly working at a job too. .
             What happens during the semester? Does everyone just stroll on down collegiate avenue and picks up their degree at the end of the nicely paved road? No, because your girlfriend just walked out on you; you're in a whole new city; being the only one you know on campus. To add to that, you had to quit your job because the hours can't lineup; financial aid is now your yearly earning. Now, with a bank account that can only go down until you find a job; you move back to your hometown. Making the rest of the semesters a 230 mile round trip from Turlock, CA to Sacramento, CA. The stress just builds, and you loose grasp on what felt like a good reign on your academic agenda. When leaving home and coming to college as a young student sets you up in eight ways for different stressors. As time passes the academics are no longer just an issue, but the daunting reality of needing a more consistent income and the unrelenting self-appointed obligations becoming a petrifying conscience.
             Having just left behind friends and family who care about you, and, if you are lucky, love you unconditionally. After spending the last four years in the social pressure cooker known as high school, you are now a small fish in a big, college pond. You have entered a completely new body of peers who are at first seen as complete strangers with some remaining still strangers all the way through. Chances are you might have to share a room with someone you do not know; who just might be annoying or "a little off the rocker.

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