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Dropping Out of College

            It is said that education is the basic foundation for future prosperity and also the power of knowledge. The arguments sound to be the truth; people grew up with the belief that no one can be successful in this current world without good qualifications from a college education. Therefore, with the current population growth and demand for college education, the majority has acquired diplomas and degree awards with the belief that with education, employment opportunities are wide open. What they tend to forget is that the ratio of graduates to employments opportunities is quite big, making the majority of the graduates be jobless or secure low paying jobs. Therefore, the beliefs that education is the key to success tend not to be effective as before. Acquiring good entrepreneurial skills and innovation is the foundation for success. To support my argument, it is true that the world richest men are businessmen who didn't even finish college studies; a good example is Bill Gates, a college dropout who owns the world leading company Microsoft. Therefore, this paper will support the college dropout as a rightful decision towards attaining brighter future.
             For more young adults, college is believed as more of an option, slightly than a requirement. Fifty-three percent of college graduates are jobless or underemployed, and forty-five percent are still living in their parent's homes and are still under parents care (Peter, Thiel, CBSN). To make it more challenging, it is evident that the cost of acquiring college studies has not been worth it for recent years since only a small percentage have succeeded in securing jobs to enable them to recover the fee spent in college. Also, a bigger percentage of the graduates who acquired their degree through the higher education loans have not repaid their loans on time. The debts have made them loan defaulters; that has exposed them to harsh penalties causing them their lifetime.

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