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Discovering that I'm College-Ready

            Throughout all my years as a student, I often thought college was not for me, and was not a part of my future plans. How could I envision myself as a college student when I came from a neighborhood and a family where hardly anyone attends college? My mother was one of the few people I know personally that attended college. But when she became pregnant with me, she unfortunately had to drop out from City College. Therefore, college was something I never had in mind, until I got older and started noticing how hard it was to get anywhere without a college degree. It's even more difficult when you don't have a high school diploma. The people around me were just getting by. They weren't like the families I saw on Television shows who lived in nice homes and drove fancy cars. The people on the shows had careers such as lawyers, doctors, nurses and teachers. The light went on for me, helping me to realize the one thing they all had in common was a college education to achieve that level of success. Times have definitely changed! Years ago people were able to find a decent paying job without a high school diploma. Now people are not able to apply to an entry level position without some college degree. You can only obtain dead end jobs making minimum wages.
             My future career goal is to attend a four year learning institution, major in nursing, and obtain a position in a reputable hospital as a registered nurse. Although my mother did not graduate from college she has instilled in me the value of a good education by saying, 'Jobs pay wages and careers pay salary, you need a career.'.
             Today, I now know that I'm fit for college, I've become more aware of what the world has to offer a college educated individual and I'm motivated to work hard to achieve it. I want to major in nursing so that I can have the ability to take care of my family when the time comes and I also want to help people in need. My motivation came from seeing my mother work so hard to take care of me for all these years as a single parent.

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