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An Example of British Lit

             When I was nearly nine I was sent to a magnet school called Gunsalas Academy.
             chocolately brown building consisted of uniforms,saddle shoes, and teachers older than your.
             grandparents. Way back then I had no clue what highschool was, let alone college. In around the.
             5th grade my path began at Dawes Elementary School. There I discovered my interest in writing.
             as well as drawing. I also loved to read, being started off on a Stephen King book by my.
             stepfather whom I love dearly. All the books I read must have helped my test scores, after the.
             eight grade I was offered IB classes. I really didnt want to go but my stepfather had high.
             expectations and so I was signed up into the program.
             That summer was spent in a sweltering building with a bunch of strange kids I didnt.
             know, but would soon have three years to get to. This is when I began taking more of an interest.
             in the computer field. I already knew how to use the internet, but we learned how to create us the.
             computer for other things than games. So far thats what I can remember about my past.
             Currently Im waiting for the glorious day when I graduate, Im sure I can survive another.
             year. I've become more advanced in computers. I even have my own website (though its still un.
             updated.-.-). I've also come more advanced in my first love, drawing. Self-tutoring myself I've.
             had no art classes (those werent offered to me -.-). I never really got the chance to practice my.
             fictional writing skills, having had two years worth of writing block, though there is still hope in.
             the future. My hobbies consist of; drawing, writing, video gaming, and building with legos. I also.
             enjoy collecting cards and learning about animals as well. .
             Before heading off to college Im going to get a job first to gain some working expierence.
             as well as money. No particular college is in my mind but I"m mostly heading for a creative field.
             which involves visual arts such as drawing and graphic arts as well.

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