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            "Forced re-evaluation of college values".
             We as college students, parents, and society have lost sight of what William Zinsser believes is the true value of a college education. I believe that what William Zinsser believes is the true value of an education is the ideal however, we do not live in an ideal world and the true value of a college education has differed in American society today. New priorities have arisen for the purpose of college. In our culture today people strive to achieve and complete college in general, not to enlighten oneself intellectually or even to necessarily find ones self. We teach our youth to strive for college to achieve a "better life," a more financially empowering and comfortable life. Student's ideas, values and motives for attending college are based on things that have changed what William Zinsser believes is the true value of a college education. Students today are very motivated by money and material things to achieve and complete college, the modern college student is extremely focused on completing college as soon as possible with the highest grades along the way as possible. There are also many pressures facing college students that are responsible for these re evaluations of the "true value of a college education." .
             In today's modern world there is a driving force that unfortunately gets a lot Americans out of bed in the morning and off to the task they engage in every day. Money makes the world go around, unfortunately, its what a lot of people chase after their whole lives. Material goods are symbols of status, as Americans work our whole lives to amass them. We believe that they will bring us happiness. People know that these material .
             goods can only come from money. Therefore children are taught at a young age that to .
             live a happy and comfortable life they must have money, and the best way to get it is through education. The college education has become the majority of our youth's goal and desired destination.

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