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Students Failing Class - Contributing Factors

            Numerous studies have examined the factors and behaviors that contribute to students failing classes. Each study focuses on different factors that contribute to students failing. .
             The most prevalent factor for students failing is cutting class. Students selectively choose the class they decide to cut for various reasons. In fact, Fallis, Kirk and Opotow (2003) concluded that some students cut class as a result of disengagement and alienation which is referred to as boredom. Cutting class is also called "skipping"" or "ditching" class, which is selective class attendance that occurs when a student comes to be present, present a paper or report or take an exam but fails to attend particular classes without a legitimate excuse"" (Fallis et al, 2003, p. 102). Studies have shown that when comparing the past to now, cutting was very rare for obedient students or chronic behavior for students labeled as "loafers " or "losers. " .
             More students living in low income families navigate their days by selectively cutting class. "While it is tempting to view students who cut class as deficient in their academic capability, intelligence, motivation or values, teachers dispute the stereotype and describe students who cut class as intellectually and academically similar to their regularly-attending peers"(Fallis, et al, 2003, p. 103). .
             Students are cutting when they use breaks in between school hours to cut certain classes. Many students do this to avoid classes that they dislike, say some classes are too hard or too easy, to avoid certain teachers or peers they may have a conflict with and to attend to personal matters. When missing classes time after time students begin to lose a sense of wanting to continue, which means class work becomes hard to keep up with, homework becomes harder to complete and tests are even harder to pass. To cope with the not being prepared for the tests, many students just do not show upon test day earning a zero as a grade.

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