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Today's College Student

             As you look around a college campus today you will see a very diverse crowd of students. You can walk around campus and watch the students very closely and pick one out that you see and say "There is a typical college student." What exactly is the typical college student? Every person would probably have a different response to this question, but the typical college student may be a whole lot different today than what some people may think.
             The view of the typical college student has changed since the late 60's. Students would enter college at the age of 18 very academically prepared from high school. They would explore for a year or two while they got used to the college life. Many late nights were spent studying with the coffee pot brewing, and the caffeine rushing through their body giving them a temporary high so they could stay awake to cram for the test or finish the essay that was due the next day. Most students were able to develop a routine that worked for them, and the students figured out a way to end those long painful nights. By the end of the second year they had settled down to a major, they were able to graduate in four years, and were able to find a good job waiting for them right out of college. .
             Times sure have changed. Today's typical college student has an entirely different perspective than about forty years ago. The first image in mind when it comes to college students is the "party student." These students go around digging between the cushions of the couch trying to find all of the loose change that may have been left by someone during the past week. Once they find enough money they take a trip to the store to purchase the alcohol for the evening and then drink the night away. After consuming several alcoholic beverages the students begin to forget about all of their troubles in life. As they go home that night they feel very light headed and can't even walk in a straight line They feel like a million bucks at the time but the Sunday night party will hit these students hard when they wake up for class on Monday morning.

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