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World War II The Watershed Event

             World War II has been described by historians as a "Water shed" event, because of its major impact on American History. Involvement in the war pulled America out of the Great Depression and gained the United States the reputation of the world's greatest military power. The war was also intrigued in giving women rights that they never had before, changed lives of African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Jewish immigrants. For the most part WWII gave America a confidence and a sense of freedom that they never had before.
             In the 1930's America was hit by a huge economic depression. Millions of people were jobless, and banks had gone bankrupt. It was not until World War II that America completely recovered from of the Great Depression. Military drafts were instituted, giving people jobs fighting for their country. There was an immediate need for the production of airplanes, ships, war material, and non-military goods. This need created demand for more Americans jobs. With more Americans working and making a wage more spending was taking place. Creating economic revitalization.
             After WWII many American's were scared that the economy would go back the way it was during the depression. President Truman ensured another depression would not happen again by passing the Employment Act of 1946. This Act "invested the federal government with the responsibility to promote maximum employment production, and purchasing power" which helped keep a healthy economy. Truman also passes the GI bill in 1944. The GI Bill enabled veterans to claim unemployment, receive low interest loans to purchase homes and funded them for education and job training. This helped to stabilize the American economy until the next war prevented the depression.
             World War II also had a major impact on the America woman. Traditionally the woman's place was taking care of the home and children. When war broke out and many the men were drafted.

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