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Conflict in N. Ireland

             Historical Perspective of the Conflict (Ron Peace) 3 - 5.
             An Overview of the Current Situation (Ron Peace) 6 - 7.
             An Examination of U.S. Involvement (Gary Hanna) 7 -.
             What the United States has to Gain or Lose (Opinion) (John Gasparovich) ?.
             Conclusion (Gary Hanna) ?.
             References ?.
             Historical Perspective of the Conflict.
             The conflict in Northern Ireland has its roots in centuries of strife and civil unrest. Not unlike the struggles of the blacks in America, Irish Catholics have been persecuted for simply who they are and what they believe. The hatred between the Catholics and Protestants on the island has been passed down for generations with much of the country being split into segregated neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have been the focus of ism on both sides of the religious coin and persist, in some part, even today.
             The seed of unrest that nurtured the Irish conflict started in the late 1100's and was prompted by Britains attempted colonization of the island. Over the next five hundred years subsequent English rulers aggressively battled to increase their holdings and nce over the region. In an attempt to remain free from England's influence, the people of Ireland would periodically rise up and fight against their imperialistic enemy, but ultimately British control over the region would take hold giving them control both politically and religiously. .
             In 1691, Protestant King William III defeated the Catholic forces of, then King James II to establish Protestant over the island thus completing the military takeover of Ireland. With the passing of the "Act of Union" in 1800 the country was officially declared a part of the British Empire, with the island to be officially governed from London. Over the next seventy years the Catholics of Ireland would suffer greatly. British laws prevented Catholics from holding public office, bearing arms, and even restricted their rights to an education.

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