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Overview of Academic Dishonesty

            Academic dishonesty is one of the most argued and controversial subjects in the education arena. Academic dishonesty is the act of stealing answers or "borrowing" someone's individual work without giving proper credit. Research says in high school two thirds of students cheat on test and 90 percent cheat on homework (Stephens, 2008, p. 40). Rebekah Nathan, for example author of "The Art of College Management: Cheating," discusses the meaning of academic dishonesty and gives real life examples for why is it wrong to do so. Within the article, Rebekah Nathan effectively discusses the factors of cheating, such as being pressured for high expectations or given reasoning to why they do it as a college student. Nathan's purpose was to inform the readers on the amount of cheating that goes on around in every college campus. Also questioning college student's morality and the understanding of the word "cheating" which questions as to what really is considered cheating. In this essay will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the article by evaluating both perspectives of cheating which will be reinforced with three different articles as well.
             In Nathan's article, she portrays strong argument about cheating. The overview of article heavily depends on the statistics in cheating and the reasoning of why they do it, giving a strong point of view of the subject. According to Nathan, "Cheating was an active part of the classic college culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and remains so in the twenty- first" (2005, p. 28). As you can see cheating is nothing new to society, people usually see it as normal daily session. From the student's standpoint, cheating in some way is considered helping yourself climb from the hole, even though in the long run it's only affecting the future. Nathan makes it clear that cheating plays big role college and students, without any means they will try to cut corners to make sure they get their degree with the best grade point average.

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