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The Triangle of Academic Dishonesty

            Academic dishonesty has been a rising issue in high schools, both public and private colleges and universities. Students, teachers and even the parents are all at fault for this improper habit as a result unknowingly created this sort of triangle, where the combination of these groups have resulted in quite the problem. Although there are already rules in place that are supposed to stop cheating and academic dishonesty, the increasing competition in the job market in conjunction with the amount of pursing colligate degrees have led to the dismissal of rules that were well-regarded.
             Since the first test given students have been cheating and in hundred years from now students will still probably give themselves an advantage by retrieving the test information in an unethical matter. However, the issue at hand is why has cheating increased so much in classrooms over the last decade? The students have to have a reason for cheating, where the reward is higher than the risk. I don't recall a time cheating had been noticed as the "cool " thing to do. So another motive for cheating must exist. One possibility is that parents are behind this problem. With college tuition costs rising every year, parents are feeling the burden in their pockets. They are looking for ways to lessen their children's student loans and the money they contribute to see their child succeed. One way is by scholarships, and unless they have given birth to extremely talented child, then high grades are necessary to receiving these scholarships. As a result, parents have been putting immense pressure on their children to perform well in the classroom. Most students are not blessed with the ability to retain knowledge at an extremely high level, but the pressure for you to succeed will have you searching for an alternative method. When given the choice between taking three hours to study and glancing over a fellow student answers, the latter can be very temping and persuading.

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