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Academic Integrity Violation Sanction

            Plagiarism is a form of cheating or deceit in which a person takes the.
             ideas of others and represents as his own without giving recognition to the.
             original author. In 'Truth or Consequences', studies had shown that cheating.
             and plagiarism are more common than before ( Moore, 2002). In 'Honestly.
             Speaking about Academic Dishonesty', a survey at the university of North.
             Carolina at Chapel Hill on academic dishonesty shows that plagiarism as a.
             form of cheating is more common and easier than cheating during examinations.
             (Kumar, 2012). One would wonder why students engage in cheating and.
             plagiarism. Kumar (2012) demonstrates that increased competition to get.
             better grades and a skewed shift in our focus from the joy of learning (p.
             Students are given an assignment to develop knowledge and skills on.
             a particular subject. They are to give honest ideas in assignment.
             I failed to present a genuine written report because I did not.
             understand the instructions. Moore (2002) observes that in all instances,.
             it seemed as though the students were trying to preserve their sense of.
             integrity by blaming their behavior on external factors (p. 27).
             Academic work in college and universities depend on the shared.
             knowledge and information based on the honest presentation of ideas in.
             written report works which brings confidence and truthfulness in both.
             professors and students. Plagiarism destroys the trust, as well as damages.
             the atmosphere in which genuine learning takes place.
             Plagiarism is unfair to classmates. People who engage in it.
             hurt themselves as well as their mates. Moore (2002) writes that students.
             displayed considerable interest in the question of who precisely is hurt by.
             cheating (p. 27). Students sometimes wants to complete assignment without.
             doing all the important work. Even though students had cheated to derive.
             benefit for themselves, they admitted to the fact that cheating hurt.
             themselves more than others (Moore, 2002).

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