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phs - academic dishonesty

             According to the Providence Student/Parent Handbook, "High school study is the process of learning and developing skills of integrity and values central to scholarship." This is the meaning of high school study, yet this is only the formal meaning. To people today (parents and students) high school study is only an insignificant hurdle that must be crossed in order for the student to receive an A. And due to today's colleges making As pretty much mandatory all students must receive As if they want a life of wealth and prosperity. However not all students can receive an A by themselves, so some choose a path of academic dishonesty.
             Dishonesty is defined as lack of honesty or lack of integrity (Funk & Wagnall's College Dictionary). Academic Dishonesty follows this same definition only in academic terms. Academic Dishonesty includes plagiarism (taking credit for others work), receiving unauthorized information of quizzes, tests, etc; copying work of others, possession of unauthorized materials during examination (Ex: calculators, dictionaries, etc), Deception in the classroom about tests or any other issue that might lead to a raise in grade, and forgery (PHS Student/ Parent Handbook). These are the main instances of academic dishonesty that can occur in school; however if someone permits any of these then that person is also committing academic dishonesty, even if it is their work.
             At Providence High School the consequences for academic dishonesty are divided into 6 categories (according to the PHS Student/Parent Handbook) The first category is the copying of homework in and out of the classroom as well as plagiarism. If it is the1st offense of this at PHS then the consequences will be receiving no credit for the assignment, 3 hours detention, and the parents will be notified. If it is the 2nd offense of this the consequences will be no credit on the assignment, 6 hours detention, 1 week of technical suspension (includes co-curricular activities), Mini discipline .

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