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             In today's society there are many excuses that student's use regarding his or her "academic honesty". Most students say that they are constantly tempted to turn in someone else's work. Lack of time, ignorance, and parental, societal, and self-induced pressure to succeed are all motives behind the students" willingness to plagiarize. However, do these factors justify the students" willingness to participate in plagiarism?.
             Many students today have other responsibilities outside of their schoolwork. Jobs, sports, family, and friends all seem to take out a big chunk of his or her free time. This may result in the student having to prioritize the events that go on in his everyday life. In many cases, this results in school assignments getting pushed to the bottom of the list. Once something is deemed as a low-priority task, it is often overlooked and frequently forgotten about until the bight before or the day that the assignment is due. This leads many to go into a panic mode and seek out desperate measures, such as plagiarizing. Nonetheless, this panicking can be easily avoided. Most teachers generously give assignments at least a week in advance, depending on the nature of the assignment. This is .
             Manley 2.
             plenty of time to complete the assigned work. If a student were to do a little work each day then that would lessen the work, leaving plenty of time to socialize and engage in other activities.
             Another common excuse for plagiarizing is because students lack the appropriate time-management skills. This ties is almost directly related with having to prioritize events and tasks that take place in everyday life. Some continuously put things off, thinking, "I"ll do that later". Students are expert procrastinators; they will continue to put off their assignments until is it absolutely essential for them to sit down and contemplate how they should begin. Often this revelation does not occur soon enough, and the student finds his or herself completely overwhelmed.

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