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The Issue of College Plagiarism

            Plagiarism is a critical issue occurring in colleges nowadays. Many students think plagiarizing assignment gives them an advantage. However, there is no advantage of plagiarism for college students, but only serious consequences. Plagiarism can cause students to have bad effects such as problems in school, lack of intellectual growth, and problems in a future job. Many students do not understand what plagiarism is especially the college freshman. Shane Hall, eHow contributor, stated, "Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty in which a person takes the work or ideas of others and presents them as his own without proper credit or attribution" (2014, para.1). Some students have committed plagiarism because they are lack of research skill and lazy so they just copy other people work to complete their own work. According to RULE student Sao Mengheang, "I usually plagiarize document on my assignment not because I'm so lazy but because I'm really don't know how to research on internet and I don't have much time so I just copy and paste to complete my assignment" (personal communication, January 24, 2014). However, those students may not know well about the benefit of using their own idea; it helps students to get a better score, a better grade, good reputation in college and also can get admire from their professor because of a good creative idea. Moreover, it helps students develop the critical thinking, more intellectual growth, become a genius in their academic study. These benefits are really important for every student because when students have all of those, their life will become comfortable; easy to get a job, high position in career, high salary and a good future life that they want. .
             One of the bad effects of Plagiarism on students is problems in school. Plagiarism will cause students get a penalty when the teacher catch up that they plagiarize an assignment.

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