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Colleges and Selective Admissions

            In today's world, society feels that it is required to have a college degree in order to live a sustainable or successful lifestyle. Some may argue that colleges should have selective admissions. Selective colleges admit the best of the best students. They select over achievers who have high grade point averages and high test scores. They tend to look for students who are not only involved in their schools but their community as well. I believe that all schools should have open admissions due to the fact that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, it can minimize acts of crime, and increase success within society.
             I personally feel that any student who has completed high school should have the opportunity to pursue a college degree. In my opinion high school is a lot harder than college. If someone has a rough high school experience it can affect their grades. Sometimes students have a hard time adjusting to high school from middle school and their freshman year is what messes up their transcripts. There are some students who do not know what they want to do with their lives after high school so they do not take high school seriously. Once they figure out they want to attend college, it's too late to recover their grades. When it comes to test scores not everyone are good test takers. There are a lot of students who do exceptionally well in classrooms but when it comes to taking the actual test they get paranoid and forget everything they have retained. Rather you pass a test should not determine rather you are smart or dumb. For example, if someone is having a bad day and they fail their exam I do not believe that they should be penalized for it. A lot of the times students get so stressed out before the exams that their brain crashes when it is actually time to take it. People should have the opportunity to actually prove themselves and what they are capable of doing in other ways.

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