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Race and Education

            Should race be considered in the admission process at Universities?.
             Race should never be considered in the admission process at universities, by considering .
             Race at the admission process they are discriminating minor communities. Although .
             Affirmative action was brought about to aid the minor communities in obtaining equal .
             Rights, but it hasn't brought about the changes it was designed to.
             "After 20 years of implementation I think that affirmative action has shown itself to be .
             more bad than good and that black -whom I will focus on in this essay-, now stand to .
             lose more from it than they gain" ( Steele 327). Affirmative action was simply a .
             device that came with the black civil rights movement during the 60's and 70's in order .
             to see that their living standard is similar to the more affluent white majority. This was .
             less of a favor than something that was owed, and I think to pretend that nothing is owed .
             is to deny the truth. Instead the issue should be to see what can be done to better the situation for an obviously disadvantaged group and that is one of the aims of this .
             Universities also use race in admission process to promote diversity on campus and in life .
             itself. It is a fact that one's chances of going to a better college improves depending on .
             the quality of high school education, which most black people don't get it as they come .
             from less affluent background than whites and therefore have less access to better .
             education, which indeed reduces their chances of making it to a better college. Here .
             where the universities use of affirmative action comes into play. Further more" It has .
             turned out that the use of strict race blind admission policy will radically reduce the .
             number of black students in selective institutions of higher education- (Glazer 1), the writer here means that this will further divide minorities and whites and further postpone the day where a truly race blind and fully integrated society can be achieved.

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